To live your space

A home is much more than a series of materials that make up a residence. A home is a living space for well-being, intimacy, and comfort. In discovering our world, we come to realize that a home is the expression of the most ancient of identity, art, and culture. Nu Drōm specializes in the design and construction of custom houses. We design a house according to your lifestyle, tastes, and habits, and then integrate it into its environment, creating a perfect synergy between you and your surroundings.

Any construction merits absolute rigour. This is the reason that our whole team is involved right from the design phase: architect, engineer, designer, and project manager, therefore leaving nothing to chance. Many factors are considered, including climate, sunlight, prevalence of dominant winds, soil type, and topography, so your home is in an ideal location for your greatest comfort. One of the Nu Drōm advantages is that we ensure a superior quality in construction, including the details of finishing and completion according to established deadlines.